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Though the wisdom of having a solid security system for your business is becoming more widespread, many first-time business owners operating in the cannabis space wonder why, exactly, the city requires you to have a security plan in place before you begin operations. The answer to this question, like many, is: “it’s complicated.”

That’s not to say that you can just write it off. A good security system has many goals, each of which is designed to protect you, your customers, and your employees from both physical danger and civil liability.

Goal #1: Creating Standard Operating Procedures

The most important goal for your security plan is creating a standard operating procedure (SOP) for your employees to use during dangerous situations. Every person reacts differently to a given situation, and some situations can quickly become dangerous and ugly for all parties involved if they do not know what to do.

Freezing up or becoming highly agitated and aggressive are common responses when faced with threatening situations, both of which can end up in injury or worse during the commission of a crime. SOPs are designed to give your employees a list of mental options to utilize before reverting to basal instinct.

Standard operating procedures provide a behavioral base for you and your employees to fall back on if the situation falls out of control. Whether you operate a cannabis delivery service, cultivation operation, or a brick-and-mortar dispensary, well written SOP’s can mean the difference between your employees getting injured or escaping unscathed in a criminal altercation.

SOP’s also help you and your employees better complete daily tasks.  Having and understanding SOP’s that address cash management, waste management, transportation security, security guard marching orders, and loss prevention can help keep your business safe and lead to long term cost savings.

Cannabis transportation and delivery businesses are at unique risk without strict safety SOPs

Goal #2: Licensing

While no one really likes the level of monitoring from the government, you still need to procure licenses and permits from local governance in order to operate freely and without destructive litigation. That means conforming to local laws and designing a security plan that is compliant with local and state regulation.

For California businesses, there are strict measures put in place that ensure maximal security for your business, your customers, and your employees. These include, but are not limited to, locks, alarms, video surveillance, and guard presence and placement.

These security plans can be difficult for the typical business owner to create for themselves, which is why we always recommend deferring to experts, including Cannabis Compliance Security Solutions. We can provide full-spectrum security plans as well as provide training for security personnel and regular employees that will protect you from both criminal intent and litigation in the case of the actual commission of crimes in the future.

Goal #3: Improving Relations with Law Enforcement/Regulators

Let’s face it – California law enforcement has a lot on its hands right now. Any step you can take to improve relations with law enforcement and regulators can mean the difference between successful criminal and civil litigation in future.

A solid security plan that covers all bases will immeasurably increase your reputation with local law enforcement and regulators. Not only will they not need to file additional paperwork, but you’ll also provide a solid example in your community of a business that has effectively taken premises security off of their hands.

You can provide law enforcement with both evidence that you can take care of your own property, as well as ample evidence of a crime if it has taken place. Other businesses that operate in the area can use your security plan as an example to copy to make law enforcement’s job easier in the future.

Physical security parameters are great… if your staff is using them in the most effective way

Goal #4: Decreasing the Likelihood of Theft, Physical Harm, Compliance Violation, and Civil Liability

The purpose of a security plan is twofold. The first is obvious: protect your business’s physical goods, employees and customers from theft and physical harm. The second, though less apparent, is protecting your business from liability and compliance violations.

Protection comes in multiple forms: protection from physical harm, protection from harm originating from civil liabilities, and protection from violating the terms of your compliance with local ordinances. The former may be the most apparent aspect of protection, but the latter two may mean the difference between your business operating freely and productively and your being buried underneath civil suits and citations.

Civil liability can be the most dangerous aspect of your business – if you do not take the proper precautions, our litigious society will ensure that you are punished for your transgressions. Always remember that civil liability extends much further than criminal intent – whatever happens to your customers or employees can and will be blamed on you, and you need to have the proper plans and procedures in place to avoid highly damaging civil suits from damaging your business.

Compliance is a long, arduous, and costly process if you do not hire the appropriate experts that can get you on the right path as you start out on your new business. CCSS can get you started off on the right foot so you’ll never have the threat of a poorly planned security plan hovering above your head as you try to begin operations in the bay area.

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