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Security Plan



Ensure the safety of your employees and protect your business from harmful litigation and unnecessary loss.

With cannabis sales hitting $4.4 billion in California in 2020 and the year-by-year growth of consumption in San Francisco reaching into the hundreds of millions, it is safe to say that the legal cannabis industry is alive and thriving in the Golden State. More dollars and more product being moved means greater risk of security threats for grow operations and dispensaries as criminals on the hunt for a quick buck may take you and your employees as easy marks.

As burglaries in the city spike and the metro police lean harder on local businesses to provide their own security to protect themselves, the importance of creating and utilizing a full spectrum security plan has grown in tandem with cannabis sales. A well-crafted physical security plan is essential not just for licensing and insurance purposes but ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting your business from harmful litigation.


The CCSS Advantage

A more complex criminal and regulatory environment requires a holistic, bottom-up view of security developed through years of working with both elements of the system.

The Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions team has the unique advantage of working closely with elements on both sides of the law, gaining unique insights on the patterns and behaviors of each.

CCSS’s founder understands how to look at security through various lenses.  While working undercover, he was able to learn directly from admitted offenders, and understands that criminal trends are ever changing and evolving. From this he was able to distill the common operating procedures for selecting businesses to target, which products were most attractive, and methodology of committing the crime.

On the other side of the law, the CCSS team has used its cumulative decades of experience on the force to develop a network of contacts and relationships with local and state level law enforcement. This provides them with a direct line to those officers who perform permit inspections for dispensaries, so they know exactly what your business needs to provide to be compliant with local regulations and guidelines.

A Holistic Approach To Security

CCSS knows that you’re not just concerned about legal and regulatory compliance – you want your business, your employees, and your customers kept safe.

That’s why we’ve developed a full-scale system designed to keep your product and business secure from the moment it’s received to the moment the customer leaves your premises.

From camera mapping to security guard and staff training, CCSS’s cannabis security plans are customized to cover every aspect of cultivation operations, grow facilities, and dispensaries to follow standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to ensure maximum security for your employees. These SOP’s are crafted from years of working with career criminals in their element and determining how to best avoid and prevent your business and staff from becoming future targets.

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