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Managed & Optimized Security Services



Get exclusive access to Cannabis Compliance Security Services’ network of contacts in law enforcement, equipment vendors and security personnel agencies

Many businesses struggle with one or more aspects of compliance with security regulations – with a single disinterested remark from a police officer or other regulatory official tasked with performing a security check to issue a permit, a cultivation operation or dispensary can experience months of costly delays. This can mean major losses in revenue or potential violations if they resume normal business without a valid permit as the company tries to reschedule with the local precinct.

Cannabis Compliance Security Services offers an alternative – Introducing Managed & Optimized Security Serivces (MOSS). Leveraging extensive network of contacts in law enforcement, CCSS can act as a liaison between the business and the department responsible for issuing the permits. This network extends to security vendors including camera, alarm, and guard companies. Under the MOSS offering, CCSS acts as the general contractor; negotiating, managing, and working with the best security vendors so you can be equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and well-trained personnel at the best rates available.

Extensive Network

CCSS’s team consists of former police officers with decades of experience on the force – and with that experience comes a network of individuals the company can work with to expedite administrative processes that would normally take months.

The team works closely with regulatory agencies and local precincts, so we know exactly what designated compliance enforcement officers will be looking for when they come around to make inspections and specifically design the security plan to meet those requirements.

As the team transitioned from police work to the private sector, our network expanded to include contacts from suppliers in the security industry. CCSS works closely with camera manufacturers and distributors, alarm companies, and guard agencies, so by contracting with them you have unique access to the top-of-the-line equipment and personnel at a reasonable price. CCSS also ensures the right equipment for the needs of the business with proper contract enforceability to keep vendors responsible for the performance of their equipment.

Community Outreach

This line of communication doesn’t just benefit a single store owner – the entire community can take advantage of CCSS’s presence.

Comprehensive security doesn’t stop at the perimeter of a store’s property, and an essential aspect of CCSS’s process is getting involved with the local community to analyze possible threats and trends of criminal activity. During this involvement, wecan act as a spotlight for the surrounding areas, helping address and parse advice for security vulnerabilities with the physical facility and the neighborhood.

As the team becomes acquainted with the facility, we act as a community liaison to give law enforcement actionable intelligence on local criminal activity. With CCSS’s direct relationships with the appropriate officials, community complaints that would normally go unanswered can be finally addressed.

Police, Liability, and You

The team has also done extensive private investigative work for civil and criminal defense cases. This investigative work translates into a deep understanding of where the police typically cut corners in their own procedures, often leaving businesses with false hope in the effectiveness of their security systems and then leaving them by the wayside when those hopes are dashed. It also provides them with a unique insight on what constitutes liability in a legal setting, specifically in premises liability.

Negligent security is a major financial risk for businesses operating in a risky industry such as cannabis sales – with high cash volume and high-value products being moved frequently, cannabis retailers and delivery companies are attractive targets for violent and non-violent criminals. Security plans that do the bare minimum to pass inspection are likely filled with vulnerabilities that can land the company in serious financial risk due to negligent security liability.

CCSS security plans are designed with three major goals:

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