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Security Audit / Assessment



Let Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions find and fill the holes in your security plan.

Despite having a security plan and guards on staff, many cannabis grow operations and dispensaries still find themselves as the target of theft and burglary attempts both successful and unsuccessful. These business owners are quick to find out that regulatory compliance with security measures is in fact very different from being realistically secure – their system has likely left a number of attractive vulnerabilities for criminals to exploit.

Most security companies boast having years of experience in private security and can thereby provide an optimal security plan and system to mitigate as much risk as possible. What these companies lack, however, is the deep and unique perspectives provided by career criminals themselves, and that’s where Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions comes in.


Straight From The Source

CCSS’s expertise comes from direct interactions with the criminal minds that make a living from targeting businesses like yours.

After years of delving deep undercover to infiltrate street gangs as part of the city’s initiative to get firearms off the street, the CCSS team developed their system of premises security based off conversations with career robbers and burglars that revealed how they selected targets, how they would go about committing the crime, and what security measures they found to be most effective.

With this knowledge in their pocket, the CCSS team is capable of plugging holes in your security that other companies would never notice. More security coverage also means greater leverage with your insurance company in the event of a successful robbery or burglary, so you can be assured that any loss in product or revenue from criminality will be recovered and your business can keep normal operations ongoing.

Physical Security Audit – The Essential Questions

With every audit, CCSS seeks to answer a few essential questions about your business:

  • Why are bad guys targeting my dispensary / cultivation facility?
  • What is it my security system is lacking that is making my business and employees attractive to criminals?
  • What operating procedures do I have in place in case I or my employees notice we are being targeted?

To answer these questions, CCSS combs through your business’s security plan, the training of your staff and any guards you employ may have, and even the physical layout of the business. With CCSS’s holistic approach to security and direct experience with career criminals, the team will determine the vulnerabilities of your security plan and provide carefully laid out suggestions to mitigate the risk to your company and employees.

These changes range from a simple change in camera mapping or badging procedures to the more complex changes in employee training or changing the interior layout of the facility to best inhibit crime by incorporating elements of CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) doctrine. Whatever element of security your company may be lacking, CCSS can identify and provide a plan for you to plug the holes and keep your operation secure.

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