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Ask ten different people what ‘Security’ means in the cannabis industry, you’ll get ten different responses. Some will talk about the importance of security guards and their training, others will discuss the effective distribution of cameras, the last few will tell you an efficient alarm system is best for deterring crime.

While each has their merit, a true professional will tell you that effective security is a complex system of mutually dependent factors. Each factor, whether it be the guards, cameras, alarms, or training protocols, cover for the limitations and risks of the others.

Security in the modern environment means protecting your business from a multitude of risk factors, both criminal and liability. Dispensaries and grow operations are  not only responsible for the safety of their employees and inventory, but also for any customers on site thanks to premises liability and negligent security claims.

The Problem for Grow Operations and Dispensaries

You can hire the best security personnel in the world, for example, but without the added measures of CCTV documenting their actions during an altercation with a criminal, your business may be liable for a highly destructive lawsuit. Alternatively, you can buy the best security cameras and alarm system on the market, but fall victim to negligent security claims in the event that your employees are injured during a robbery attempt that a poorly trained guard mishandles.

With security compliance handled by law enforcement officers assigned by the city, business owners are often left with a false sense of confidence that they are properly protected once the city issues their permit . Unfortunately, many of the officials working in compliance fail to recognize the stringency required in a system to fully shield businesses from liability and regularly sign off on inadequate security measures.

That leaves it up to the company to provide a security system that covers both the physical security of their business and customers as well as covering them from a legal perspective. Half measures and cutbacks will leave you and your business dangerously exposed to both the criminal and legal elements.

This can be an overwhelming amount of ground to cover for the typical cannabis company with no prior experience, which is why we recommend hiring professionals when drawing up your security plan. Experts at  Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions will evaluate your establishment from the ground up and provide you with an actionable plan, training for your employees and security personnel to put that plan into action, and guidance on the best security equipment available on the market.

The Cannabis Compliant Security Solution

CCSS’s team of security experts have years of first-hand experience working undercover with the police dealing with and interviewing career criminals and robbers, so we know exactly what they look for when selecting a target. We base our security plans and systems on what will provide your business with the greatest possible protection from criminal loss.

The team also has extensive experience working as consultants and investigators for civil cases involving use of force and security personnel, so we know the ins and outs of liability and how to shield your business from potentially ruinous lawsuits. Whatever security risk affects your business, you can be assured that we can mitigate it.

Truly effective security systems act like a well-oiled machine; each interlocking mechanism has an essential role in the working of the whole. With meticulous planning, every element will act together in tandem to keep your cannabis dispensary or grow operation running safely and efficiently.