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Staff and Security Guard Training



Protect your customers, employees and business from criminal activity and damaging lawsuits with top-of-the-line security planning & SOPs

Cannabis retailers are required to hire their own private security guard to be on premises during business hours, and while many stores are opting to contract out to staffing agencies in the area, the quality of the typical guard is highly variable. Security guards range from bored nocturnal teenagers trying to make some money with limited understanding of criminal and civil laws to off-duty police officers and veterans with decades of experience.

While you may luck out on the security guard, it is very likely that your employees are completely untrained when it comes to security measures, both within the premises of your business and without.

Proper security training can help mitigate the risk to both the physical safety of your employees and the fiscal security of your business, as employees who can recognize threats can help take steps to prevent potential crime.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions provides cannabis business operators with custom tailored security plans and Standard Operating Proceedures (SOPs) for security guards and staff to deescalate dangerous situations, identify and neutralize threats, and keep vigilant for potential danger while in and out of the retail location. Well-trained personnel can focus on giving your customers the full dispensary experience, all while keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.


Litigation Prevention

One of the primary concerns for cannabis business owners considering various cannabis security challenges is liability – what can the company do to mitigate their risk for potential litigation in the future?

The answer is unfortunately long and complex, but a major aspect of liability rests in the training and operating procedures for staff.

Cannabis dispensaries deal primarily in cash and move a product that still enjoys a healthy demand on the street, so the industry is inherently riskier than the typical box store. This means that both security personnel and normal members of the staff need to be prepared for emergency situations as they arise, less they cause undue injury to themselves, customers, or even the criminal themselves and leave the business open to potential litigation.

CCSS builds customized training materials for both staffers and security personnel that conform to state and local regulations as well as the company’s security plan procedures. This provides an extra layer of security for guards and employees while also mitigating the risk of a loss or lawsuit on premises.

Loss Prevention

Limitations of the metro police force are requiring businesses and employees to take proactive measures to protect both their physical safety and their revenue.

While police officers are legally prohibited from pursuing suspects, employees need to be trained to know what to look for in order to mitigate the risk of becoming victimized.

With CCSS’s unique insights into what career criminals look for in potential targets, their security plans and business SOPs empower staffers and guards to be on alert during especially vulnerable transactions and interactions during the workday. Utilizing the full-spectrum security plan created for the business, security personnel will be trained to work in tandem with security and safety equipment to provide the greatest level of protection possible for your business, employees, and customers.

Security training is not limited to retail and cultivation operations – cannabis sellers who utilize delivery services to supply their product potentially benefit even more from thorough security planning and training. With mobile smash-and-grab robberies on the rise, training your drivers to follow properly designed operating procedures can save them from potential injury and your business from losing entire truckloads of product.

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