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Securing cannabis consumption lounges presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of the location. Traditional security measures, such as relying solely on on-site guards, can have significant limitations.

These limitations can extend from the strictly physical – I.E., the singular point of view a single guard can maintain – to presenting damaging liability issues caused by a guard’s improper actions during a high-stress event. While guards provide a psychological impediment for crime, there are many ways of circumventing them, and their fallibility can cause worse issues for your business than the criminal.

Traditional monitoring equipment and technology also come with its own set of issues. Monitoring systems must be purchased from vendors approved by the insurance underwriter providing your policy and any local or state regulations. Once the right equipment is purchased, installation positions must be mapped out to provide optimal line of sight. 

The primary difference between the guard and the surveillance system is that the former provides proactive protection while the latter provides passive monitoring. The guard can intervene, while the surveillance system, for the most part, can only provide evidence in a follow-up investigation once the crime has been committed.

The ideal solution for cannabis lounge security combines the benefits of active threat response and passive surveillance. Considering the specific requirements and potential challenges of the cannabis industry, alternative security solutions that offer broader coverage, decreased liability, and increased police response time are worth exploring.

One such solution is proactive video monitoring, which has gained formal recognition with the UL 827b rating, which was specifically designed for video monitoring systems. This certification ensures that the proactive video monitoring system meets rigorous industry standards for reliability and performance. By adhering to the UL 827b rating, cannabis consumption lounges can have confidence in the effectiveness and quality of their chosen security solution.

In addition to the UL 827b certification, proactive video monitoring provides significant advantages over relying solely on guards. It offers comprehensive coverage of the cannabis consumption lounge at a significantly lower cost, making it a more cost-effective option. 

The strategic placement of surveillance cameras and advanced analytics allows for the real-time detection of suspicious activities and unauthorized access attempts. Remote security experts monitor the feeds, enabling prompt response to potential security incidents.

Implementing proactive video monitoring also contributes to decreased liability for stakeholders. By providing comprehensive surveillance and documentation of security events, it offers valuable evidence in case of any incidents or claims. Additionally, the technology’s ability to provide accurate real-time information allows for improved police response time, enabling law enforcement to act swiftly and effectively when an incident occurs.

With its UL 827b certification, proactive video monitoring presents a reliable and effective security solution for cannabis consumption lounges. By leveraging this technology, lounges can benefit from broader coverage, decreased liability, and improved police response time. Investing in proactive video monitoring ensures a safe and secure environment for both patrons and staff within the cannabis consumption lounge.