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Creating a security system that is both effective at preventing loss and compliant with local and state laws is a major challenge faced by operators in the cannabis state all over the country. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to miss watching Cannabis Compliant Security Solution’s very own Chris Eggers speaking as a keynote panelist at one of the cannabis industry’s biggest events, MJ Unpacked Detroit, on October 10th!

MJ Unpacked brings together LCOs, investors, and brand executives operating in the legal cannabis space to discuss the biggest issues affecting the industry today and the trends shaping its future. The event hosts panels by industry experts on the subjects of branding, marketing, garnering investments, and, of course, security.

Detroit’s panel discussion will feature moderator Amber Senter and panelists Chris Eggers of CCSS as the resident security specialist, Dudley Locke (Compliance Specialist), and Marie Montmarquet (Operator). The panel will focus on how to design and operate a security system that accomplishes three primary objectives: prevent and deter your business from being targeted by potentially dangerous criminal elements, comply with regulations, and fit within the parameters of your insurance policy.

The panel will be broken up into five primary segments. Each panelist will highlight an aspect of the current challenges that apply to their specialty before coming together for an open discussion on solving these issues before finally rounding out the talk with an audience Q&A.

Chris Eggers will highlight the unique challenges faced by the cannabis sector as it remains embattled by organized and opportunistic criminal elements. Chris’s section will primarily emphasize the need for proactive security measures and solutions that protect businesses and mitigate risks while remaining compliant with local laws and regulations.

Eggers’ section will additionally highlight some of the most important and impactful tools and security items available to LCOs. These include the use of security doors and access systems, surveillance systems, and the importance of regular maintenance on each system as it applies to loss prevention and insurance payouts.

In later segments, Dudley Locke will focus on the critical role of compliance in the industry, discussing regulations and their impact on operations, insurance coverage, and business success. Marie will share firsthand experiences as an operator, highlighting security breaches and the importance of collaboration between stakeholders, including investors. 

Each panelist will be providing a host of real-life examples from their years of service providing security solutions to LCOs and the mistakes, successes, and pitfalls that they have seen being made along the way. We are dedicated to teaching operators in the legal cannabis industry practical strategies to minimize the risk of theft and ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Check out details for the event here!

If you’re too late to attend the event, you also have the option to view a recording of the panel discussion here.