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The legal cannabis market represents a huge frontier for entrepreneurs and financiers alike, offering a marketplace that is measured in the tens of billions of dollars and is only set to continue growing at a remarkable rate in the decades to come. New generations of business owners and investors alike will have unprecedented access to a barely tapped market usually reserved for those companies able to capitalize on newly industrialized nations.

These opportunities do unfortunately come with a downside, however. Until the federal government fully legalizes the growth and sale of cannabis for consumer use, the product still remains on murky legal ground. This translates to a lack of access to banking services and insurance policies afforded to other industries, which means higher costs for doing business and a lot of cash on hand when many of the country’s biggest cities face a surge in thefts and robberies.

While this is bound to cause quite a few headaches during the industry’s stumbling first steps, Chris Eggers of Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions believes these problems aren’t insurmountable with the proper security toolset. With the release of his book, “Securing Cannabis: A Comprehensive Guide To Increase Security, Reduce Costs, Reduce Liability, and Avoid Landmines,” stakeholders in the legal cannabis industry have full access to the fundamentals of this indispensable toolkit!

The Guide has three primary objectives: strengthening security, reducing the total security costs, and avoiding potential security ‘landmines’ that unaware business owners can unwittingly walk into. In Chris’s own words:

“This   Guide contains a   comprehensive description of the security landscape, insights into alternative security approaches, and a focus on innovative security solutions, including drones and unmanned aircraft systems. By increasing awareness around a  wide variety of security challenges and pain points and implementing the relevant knowledge and strategies presented in this  Guide,  readers can enhance their security posture,  reduce risks,  save money,  and contribute to their individual growth and success – and that of the legal cannabis industry.”

The book is divided into five parts to accomplish these objectives, each covering a different part of the security toolset.

Part 1 – Security Overview

Part 1 covers the current cannabis security landscape and status quo, which gives business owners and financiers a realistic look at the legal and regulatory environment of the industry as well as the current state of its security services. It also provides a helpful glossary for terminology used in the industry so stakeholders are not confused when communicating with security vendors and firms.

Part 2 – Security Planning

Part 2 covers the elements of a security plan, which both state and local municipalities require before the business can legally operate. Business owners will learn everything they will need to include in their security plans to stay compliant with these regulations and create the foundations for an airtight security system.

Part 3 – Security Services, Fortifications, Operations

Part 3 goes into the nuts and bolts of what will be going into your security system, including the increasing importance of drones, video surveillance, guards, employee training, and more. Business owners will also be provided with instructions on selecting quality vendors and avoiding common contractual pitfalls.

Part 4 – Insurance & Liability Management

Part 4 covers a poorly known yet extremely important part of owning a business – liability and insurance concerns. The U.S. is a litigious society, and cannabis businesses face enhanced scrutiny from both the state and insurance providers. This means risk management is one of the top concerns for business owners in the industry.

Part 5 – Conclusions & Moving Forward

The book’s conclusion provides recommendations for the primary stakeholders in the legal cannabis industry: LCOs, owners and investors, and regulators.

Each chapter contains charts, data, and real-world examples from Chris and CCSS’s years of experience providing security solutions to legal cannabis businesses nationwide. If you are interested in improving your current security plan or system, are a potential entrepreneur or investor looking to research the industry before jumping straight in, or are a stakeholder in the industry trying to grasp its current legal and security landscape, the Guide is chock full of expert insights that will arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

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